Pure Grain Audio Premieres "FMFY" Lyric Video

Pure Grain Audio premiered the 'deadly' new lyric video for "FMFY" - the debut track from Ded.

Phoenix, Arizona's Ded are keeping the spirit of heavy music alive with the lyric video release of their latest track "FMFY." Ded is loud and aggressive, but it's not all about being angry. The band serves as a positive outlet as they produce an unapologetic sound that draws from the art of fantasy and expressive screams. Commenting on the new song "FMFY," band lead singer Joe Cotela commented, “The lyrics are loosely inspired by Matthew Mcconaughey's character Rust from the show True Detective. Although pretty extreme at times, a lot of his thoughts and ethos resonated with me and made me think about the human race and our programming. We’re programmed to be selfish and hopeful; and yet how hypocritical we are in the process of judging others and standing on our soapbox's screaming our 'important' point of view."

Read more + Watch: http://puregrainaudio.com/videos/ded-release-deadly-new-lyric-video-for-fmfy-exclusive-premiere